Techy Bytes 11-11-11

Adobe Flash dead - Steve Jobs was right there was no future in putting Adobe Flash in his devices. Word coming out of Adobe is that they will now be investing into HTML 5.  Flash was the fancy program that made applications look cooler. As time has gone on Flash lost it's luster and now HTML5 is the new thing and almost every manufacturer has it running in their devices. I know there are people out there that when they are on their computers and they access a site that has Flash and if you don't have it on your computer, it will ask you to download the latest Flash. So now with the news of them not putting Flash into devices. That will be a relief for everyone and like I mentioned at the top of this section, Steve Jobs was always right. So take that Adobe.

$19 for unlimited text, data, voice - Yes you read that right guys. $19 for unlimited use on your cell phone. Now you might be asking there must be a catch? There is no catch. It is $19. You might be asking but what company could be offering this? Well it is a brand new company that is sticking it to the man. It is Republic Wireless. But there is a catch now your phone is usually running on a Wi-Fi network, 3G network, or the brand new 4G. This company is just relying, that you the user will be only using this phone on a Wi-Fi network. They do have to rely on a cellular network as back up and it is Sprint's network that will help them out. With the unlimited there are limits. For example can not exceed 550 minutes, 150 text messages, or 3oo megabytes of cell data. But the drawback they only offer one phone an LG Optimus, which is a very simple handset with a 3.2 touch screen. It will cost you $199 for the phone and the start up fee. If you are looking the latest and greatest phone. This is not for you. But if you are looking to save some money and not pay a ton for your cell service. This is service for you.

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