Techy Bytes 11-04-11

Amazon Prime members get free e-books - As we all know the holiday season is fast approaching and one of the hot items on everyone's Christmas list will be a e-book reader. So now Amazon the creator the Kindle is now offering it's Amazon Prime members the opportunity to check out a book one at a time in one month installments. If you the user switch over to a new book when the month is over the other e-book disappears from your device. Now if you have an app on your phone from Amazon you will not be able to take advantage of this service. What Amazon is trying to do is to sell more Kindle Fire devices. Now if you are an owner of a Kindle right this minute, you can just access the rental service by selecting the Kindle Owners Lending Library on your device. Or just look for the borrow for free on individual e-book pages.

Battery failure on iOS 5 - If you are an owner of the iPhone 4S, you might be experiencing issues with the battery life on the phone. Apple has stated that it will be coming out with an update for this issue. There is isn't a clear indicator as to what is the reason behind the loss of battery life. Some users are turning off the time zone feature and also putting a limit on the number of notifications that the get. We will have to wait until Apple releases the update to the iOS 5. So stay tuned.

GarageBand on iPhone -  If you are an aspiring musician and if you are out and about and have come out with an idea for a beat or a song. Now you don't have to run home and go onto the computer to record the music that you want to be made. Now you can download an app for your iPhone. But if you are owner of the app on the iPad you can get the app for free. But if you don't, it is still an app worth having if you are an artist. So good luck to every aspiring artist's quest to become the next great artist.

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