New Nook tablet for Christmas

Barnes and Noble just announced that it will be launching a brand new tablet, just in time for the holiday rush. They are now offering a brand new version to their Nook tablet. The name of the tablet is just Nook tablet, Banes and Noble just kept it plain and simple. The price tag on the Nook is $249. It features a 1 GHz dual-core processor, it is for the purpose of playing back HD videos, movies, and TV shows. And also a ton of apps and games. Do I smell a Angry Birds in the Nook's future maybe.

And as always the Nook looks the same as it's original model. But with upgrades to the processor this just make the new Nook a better option. But there will be competition this holiday season because it will be going up against the Kindle Fire which is selling their device at $199.

Now with content included with the device the Nook has Netflix and Hulu Plus apps included, also battery life of 9 hours for watching 1080p videos, also playing music on Pandora and also content for the Barnes and Noble bookstore online.

Comparing the Nook against the Fire, the CEO of Barnes and Noble said that the Nook has a better display, double the memory their device has 16GB versus the Fire which has 8GB, it's lighter in weight, and has more RAM, the Nook has 1GB and the Fire has 512 MB.

The device will launch officially next week at various retailers and also Barnes and Noble bookstores for $249 and the Nook Color will go down to $199. The price of the Nook Simple Touch, the one with the black and white ink goes from $139 to $99. The product has also gotten a makeover. Now this device work for you for up 2 months on a single charge. And when you are flipping the pages on the device they will flip 25% faster.

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