iTunes Match is live

Better late than never, Apple has offically launched their new creation which is known as iTunes Match. iTunes Match is made easy for everyone with the update to iTunes known as 10.5.1 if you want to participate in this program all you need to do is pay $25 per year. Which is not bad at all. iTunes 10.5.1 is available on your software update on your Apple computer.

Apple had previously stated that they wanted to release iTunes Match with the update of iTunes 10.5 but they wanted to complete everything so they can get everything running well. Although they never updated in regards to the status of the program. But they missed out on their mid October launch.

iTunes match is only available in the United States although their is talk that Apple wants to expand it to more countries around the world. So we will see when that will happen.

There is much demand for iTunes Match, there was a ton of people signing into the system that there was at one time yesterday that Apple had to post on their site that they were not accepting any more new subscriptions. But as of late last night the are again accepting new subscriptions. The reason behind the stoppage of new subscriptions was because their servers were flooded and they couldn't handle the mass amounts of people signing up. So if you want to get in on the program. Go ahead. Take advantage of this very affordable program.

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