Buy 2, get 1 free

Blackberry aka RIM has had for some time the lowest selling tablet on the market. And it doesn't help their cause that they only tailor their device to the business person. And I am not one to argue about a companies mantra. But you have to believe that your average joe wants to get their hands on this device but are unable to. So now they have to sell them in bulk.

So in the effort to boost their sales they are selling their devices by buying 2 tablets you get 1 for free. Yes that right friends buy 2 tablets and get one free. Do you think Apple or Google would be doing this? I think not. This deal does not have barriers standing in the way. All models of the RIM Playbook are in play. So you can purchase either a 16GB, 32 GB, 64 GB. It will be available until the end of this year. It will be only available, again I will make this announcement loud and clear because I don't want people going after me. This sale is only available for Business customers.

They are concentrating on what made them the business champion and going after the business customer. But they also could have come to the realization that there is no market for them with the average user. But it doesn't help that a lot of critics left and right have made their views be heard. That this device. the Playbook is very disappointing.

One thing that RIM has going for them is that the device is very easy to use for IT departments and that is always a good thing for a head of a company that is looking to make their business more efficient. So we will see what happens with RIM and with this sale that they have going on.

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