Techy Bytes 10-14-11

iPhone 4S sold out! -  This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is reading this at this moment. The latest and greatest iPhone broke records where Apple fans flooded the internet and made the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4Steve how ever you want to call it. It sold or got pre-orders in terms of one million iPhone 4S. So if you were like maybe if I wander on down to the local AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and might get my hands on one you will come empty handed. If you have ever read my posts, I have always advised everyone to wait it out and wait until Apple works out the kinks to the product. Because you know what happened when the iPhone 4 came out and the problem with the antenna came out and then losing reception. Until later on did they fix the problem and it was one of the best selling devices. So whoever has not reserved their iPhone 4S don't worry. You will get one. Just wait it out guys.

Blackberry R.I.M fails again - If you are a user of the Blackberry you might have noticed that almost the whole world that owns a Blackberry had a problem with their internet on their phones. This is not the first time that this has happened to the famed phone maker. That if I were a user of this phone, if this happened to me. I would go down to my phone provider and return the phone and get myself another phone. And guys! There are more options than when the Blackberry came out. You now have an array of Android phones, HTC phones, and of course the mightiest one of them all the iPhone. Unless your company is paying for the phone. I wouldn't have this phone anymore.

iOS 5 and more are available - Wednesday the same day that Blackberry went kapoot Apple released the iOS 5 and the iCloud service. So if you own an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone you can install iOS 5  onto your device. Then you will have new functions on your device. For example you will have iMessage where you will be able to chat with people over a Wi-fi or cellular connection. Notification center where all your notifications from your apps will be located. Newsstand where all the newspapers and magazines that you purchase with your device that is where it will be located. You can edit your pictures on the device. And other new additons. Now with the iCloud if you have updated your Apple computer with the Lion OS 7.2 But if you are a user of a Windows machine you need to have Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows 7 then you download the iCloud app from the Apple site and then you can send to the cloud anything that you wish. It could be pictures, music, documents anything that you feel that is important to you and afraid to lose the cloud will have it for you all saved. So if you want to have a secure place to store your stuff iCloud is there for you.

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