iPhone 4S not the iPhone 5..

There was an event even bigger than the Super Bowl for us techy types and that event was the unveiling of the newest and greatest iPhone. Everyone on the blogosphere was mentioning that it could be the new iPhone 5, and how is the new CEO handle the media event.

The event was going to introduce us the new OS 5 and the iCloud but everyone was there to see the new toys that will be available. So the hype died down when they unveiled the iPhone. When you first look at it, it looks exactly like the iPhone 4. But when they made the presentation they said it looks like the 4 but the changes are made on the inside of the iPhone.

First and foremost they improved the processor, it now features an A5 processor  which now is a dual core processor much better for graphics, wireless is improved on the device. It has a stainless steel band with 2 antennas. Data speed is faster than the previous version almost makes it as fast as a 4G phone. But it is not a 4G phone. You can take the phone all over the world and not have to purchase another phone when you travel overseas. They upgraded the phone to make it better than your typical point and shoot cameras. The camera now is 8 mega pixel camera. The pictures load faster when you shoot a picture. You can now record videos in 1080p HD.

The coolest part of the iPhone presentation was the personal assistant feature. You might say what does that mean? Well now it is able to recognize voice commands. So let's just say you say, what is the weather like? And it will tell you what the weather is like outside. If you want to set up an alarm. You just say wake me up tomorrow at 6am so then the phone's alarm gets set and wakes you up at 6am. It can read your text messages aloud and you can also text while speaking. You can search for data on Google with voice recognizition. So this is a nice feature that the iOS 5 has.

Now my overall opinion on the phone is this. Now I am owner of the iPhone 3GS, So if you are an owner of a iPhone 4 I wouldn't recommend this phone for you. Because I don't really see a difference from a 4 to 4S. But if you are an owner of iPhone 3 or iPhone 3GS I would recommend you upgrading for the iPhone 4 as I am thinking of doing. But if you have not owned a iPhone before than go ahead and get yourself a iPhone 4S. No doubt that there will be people making long lines to get their hands on this device. But again listen to this advice. Let this device get out in the first few months and join into the madness later because there will always be bugs. Let the bugs get out. And then go ahead and get the phone.

I will also mention the updat

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