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Techy Bytes 10-28-11

Nokia and Windows unite- Nokia gave up on creating phones and now has bet on it’s comeback with Microsoft. Now they have launched their new creations the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. The Lumia 800 is the best phone that they announced. It has a 1.4 Ghz processor with a 8 mega pixel camera with... Read more »

Upgraded Macbook Pro's Available

If you have always followed Apple and tuned into the new updates and upgrades that Apple offers. You might have not noticed that there are new upgraded versions of the Macbook Pro series. If you go over the Apple website and look at the Apple Macbook Pro line you will see the upgraded laptops. Now... Read more »

Techy Bytes 10-21-11

Droid Razr is here – Motorola the Illinois based company that first revolutionized the world with the intro of the cellphone and then bring to the masses the Razr, then after the big hit that it had with the Motorola Razr they weren’t able to match the popularity that it had with that device. Motorola... Read more »

Blackberry customers : We are sorry!

If you are a Blackberry user and you experienced the outage that affected users for some days. If you read my blog, I had advised users and managers of companies that still run with the Blackberry that they can go in another direction because honestly has RIM or Blackberry come out with any phone that... Read more »

Techy Bytes 10-14-11

iPhone 4S sold out! –  This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is reading this at this moment. The latest and greatest iPhone broke records where Apple fans flooded the internet and made the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4Steve how ever you want to call it. It sold or got pre-orders in... Read more »

Qwikster we hardly knew you

If you read my blog a couple weeks ago I had mentioned to you that Netflix was going to separate themselves from the mailing of DVD service which was the reason that made them the company that they are now. And that Netflix was going to name it Qwikster. But that was not the only... Read more »

Steve Jobs an icon of all icons

When I heard the news of Steve Jobs passing, I must admit that I read it on the iPhone. But I had to just verify to make sure because you never know with the Internet what’s real and what’s not. So when I changed the channel to CNN and they had coverage of his passing.... Read more »

iPhone 4S not the iPhone 5..

There was an event even bigger than the Super Bowl for us techy types and that event was the unveiling of the newest and greatest iPhone. Everyone on the blogosphere was mentioning that it could be the new iPhone 5, and how is the new CEO handle the media event. The event was going to... Read more »