Techy Bytes 09-23-2011

Comcast extends low price Internet - If you are a fellow reader of my blog, you might remember some posts ago that I had mentioned that Comcast would be offering a low price Internet for parents of kids in schools that receive free lunch meals in school would qualify for this price of Internet. The plan is called Internet essentials. The price of the plan is $9.95 a month where normally would have to pay 30 dollars a month so you the parent would save 20 dollars for this service and we all know that during these times we will take any savings that come our way. You will not get an increase to the price after a certain period, no rental fees on equipment, no activation fees. But they will charge you taxes on the service. So overall it is not a bad deal. Comcast opened this service to certain parts of US and now they have opened it up to 39 states where they offer Comcast. I will include the link so you can send it to people that can use it.

Google wallet is available - Google has announced that it will offer a new service that will change our lives drastically. We all know that when we want to buy a soda or a bag of chips from a machine we have to put in some money. What would happen if Google would change that for you. They have announced Google wallet. Google wallet is only available to the users of the Sprint Nexus S 4G. If you are one of those users you might have received an update to install onto your phone. Now the question is where can I use this app? Well they mention that they have 300,000 locations where you can use the Google wallet app. If you are an early user of the app, you will receive a $10 Google prepaid cards where you can buy yourself a meal for yourself or get a couple coffee's from Starbucks. So will this just start a revolution of how we pay for stuff? We will see.


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