Techy Bytes 09-02-11

Sony has not learned 3D is not the way to go - I have never been a fan of the whole craze of 3D, not at home and not in a movie theater. Why? Are you going to pay extra to look like a dork at home and also not be able to have enough 3D glasses if you have guests at your house. Sorry! But let me tell you now what Sony is offering in terms of 3D. First and foremost they are going to be offering your own person 3D googles. They look like the glasses that the  african american guy on Star Trek the next generation had. On Wednesday they announced that HMZ-T1, is a personal head mounted personal 3D viewer. The headset includes the googles that I mentioned that will give you the user the ability to view a 62 foot virtual screen. It includes surround sound you can watch videos, movies, listening to music and playing video games. I bet they would want you to use them on your Sony Playstation PS3 but they say the headset is hardware neutral meaning that you can use it on any device. First it will be released in Japan. Of course they get first crack at it. It will go for $780 in American money. So we will see if and when it will be coming to the states and will you go out and buy one for yourself?

Flip Cam turns to grilled cheese -  If you remember back when the Flip Cam was launched it was latest and greatest innovation that everyone was using it even Hollywood stars were fond of the device. And then they stopped making the device and now only a select few retailers still carry the device. I am going to use my movie theater trailer voice.. now from the creator of the Flip Cam comes now the grilled chesse sandwich. Jonathon Kaplan the tech savy creator of the Flip is now going into the grilled chesse business. This past Tuesday he opened up a restaurant called the Melt in San Francisco. He has a very cool way of purchasing your sandwich you first order from your smartphone and then they will provide a Quick-Response code (those squares that look like a drawing in a shrinks office) you then will scan it on a scanner in the restaurant. And the cashier gets the order and then you should be able to receive the sandwich within 2 minutes. Now that it is launched in San Fran. He wants to expand out to the rest of the U.S, hopefully he opens one location here in Chicago not in the burbs. No offense burbs but you always get the good restaurants like Steak and Shake, Sonic. We want some love here in Chicago too. So Mr. Jonathon Kaplan open one up here in Chicago.

HP Touchpad is back.. for a limited time though - A week or so ago I had wrote on my blog that HP was offering a fire sale on their TouchPad device. HP thought they couldn't compete against the mega power of Apple. But turns out that when they offered their fire sale that they got so much demand for the device, that now they will go back into production and only make a certain number of TouchPads. I will tell HP this that the reason you got so much demand for the device was because of the price. Not because people just suddenly said.. WOW! HP has a TouchPad. Let's go get one.. Right now the device is the 2nd best selling device behind Apple. So we will see what steps HP takes when they relaunch the device.

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