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Amazon Kindle Fire is en fuego!

So we all have seen and heard from the millions and millions of Apple fans including yours truly, that the iPad is the latest and greatest device. I will have to admit it here that I was at first hesitant to this device. Because I never saw the point of the device, I just saw... Read more »

Bullying really needs to stop now!!!

I know this out of my level of expertise but I keep hearing of cases and cases of these and it just boils me up to read these types of stories and today’s was just the one that set me off on this. We have seen and heard of this bullying of kids. And there... Read more »

FOX and Amazon unite together - Smart Move

Amazon and FOX tv have united their companies so that FOX tv can stream their shows on the Amazon website. Pretty soon Amazon will be the location on the web to go for streaming video of shows. If are a fan of the shows of Arrested Developement and who wasn’t? The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire... Read more »

Techy Bytes 09-23-2011

Comcast extends low price Internet – If you are a fellow reader of my blog, you might remember some posts ago that I had mentioned that Comcast would be offering a low price Internet for parents of kids in schools that receive free lunch meals in school would qualify for this price of Internet. The... Read more »

Netflix must learn a lesson

If you have read my blog entries you must have read of how Netflix was going to raise the prices to their subscription plans. I had mentioned when that happened that this was going to be the downfall of the company. Slowiy but surely people are starting to realize that there are more options then... Read more »

Hulu no! iPad yes!

We all at one point or another have missed our favorite show and had to wait until it reairs or just catch it on the DVD of the season. Until Hulu came out and you can watch every show available on your computer. Until they figured out that they would just charge you to watch... Read more »

New Tivo Recorder for us

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s the Tivo Premiere Elite. It is a brand new DVR for the masses. This monster of a machine is the newest and most expensive machine, the price of the Premiere Elite is priced at $500 it can record as many as 4 shows at once and... Read more »

Full TV show is free online.. Seriously..

If you see the headline I am not playing around. I am not going to lie to my fellow reader ever. Now if you have tuned into any Fox network show or any of Fox’s sister stations you might have noticed that there is a new show coming out this fall called New Girl. The... Read more »

Techy Bytes 09-02-11

Sony has not learned 3D is not the way to go – I have never been a fan of the whole craze of 3D, not at home and not in a movie theater. Why? Are you going to pay extra to look like a dork at home and also not be able to have enough... Read more »