New Tivo Recorder for us

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's the Tivo Premiere Elite. It is a brand new DVR for the masses. This monster of a machine is the newest and most expensive machine, the price of the Premiere Elite is priced at $500 it can record as many as 4 shows at once and it can store as much as 300 hours of high definition shows. If you are a fellow nerd of this tech sector this is something that you are salivating at, aren't you? It includes access to Pandora, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant video, and YouTube.

As with everything in life there is always a catch. Now you must understand that when you purchase this device, you will not get the service right away without signing up for the Tivo service plan for $20 dollars a month. But if money is not an issue for you. You can spend another 500 dollars for lifetime service. You need to have a digital cable subscription as well. What the digital cable subscription means that you need to have HD service on your cable. The executives at Tivo mentioned that this machine will not work with analog cable or an over the air antenna.

One thing that is not included in this monster of a machine is no Wi-Fi. You need to connect for the Internet via an ethernet cable. But as with anything the company needs to make money some extra dough so they offer you a USB Wireless add on to the machine. If you want the high speed wi-fi usb you will have to pay $90 dollars and if you want the regular speed it will cost you $60.

The important question now being asked amongst you is when will be able to get our hands on this machine? Well they still have to go through all the obstactles to get this machine to be sold to the public. They have to go through the government meaning the FCC and seeing if they will let them sell this device. Best guess for me would be that it would available for the holiday's. That is the best time to make their money on this device. So we will be anxiously waiting for this new DVR.

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  • This is really cheap! definitely would reach out more to people

  • In reply to Pro Edge CCTV:

    Do you really think it is cheap? Because unless you have that much cash to spend on the device and on the lifetime service, you might be better off going with cable and their DVR.

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