Netflix must learn a lesson

If you have read my blog entries you must have read of how Netflix was going to raise the prices to their subscription plans. I had mentioned when that happened that this was going to be the downfall of the company. Slowiy but surely people are starting to realize that there are more options then there was before. I mean you have Redbox, you have a ton of others that I will not mention because I might miss one. But you know your options. One of the problems that will haunt Netflix is how Starz dropped out of being partners with Netflix. Starz provided for Netflix a nice option where Starz was providing them with more popular movies and where you can view them instantly on your computer, video game console, and straight to TV. And now with them dropping out, and you know this was my problem with Netflix doesn't offer much for instant view. If that is one of their strong points, I don't think many people want to see Lassie or Old yeller on instant view. Now don't get me wrong they are good movies but no one wants to see those movies.

Another thing that was announced yesterday, Netflix was better known as the company  that sent straight to your house a DVD. Then after viewing the DVD you could send it back in one of their red envelopes. Now with the demise of the USPS and how everything is now online. Netflix is now handing off the DVD mailing service to another company called Qwikster. Now the belief out there is that Netflix really doesn't believe that the mailing service will function any longer and once it fails they don't want Netflix to be seen as the company behind the failure of this.

So if you are still one of the customers that wishes to rcceive their DVD in the mail. You must understand that is a new company and that you will have to open up a different account from the one you have on Netflix. So basically you will have to pay different fees for 2 different companies. There is also a belief that Netflix or Qwister will be trying their hands in the video game mailing service. Which at the moment is still a popular thing amongst the gamers. I really thing that all in all that the mailing of DVD's and video games will soon be gone and no longer exist. And the streaming of movies will be the business so we will see if Netflix can come back or will they let Qwister go down in flames by themselves.

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