Hulu no! iPad yes!

We all at one point or another have missed our favorite show and had to wait until it reairs or just catch it on the DVD of the season. Until Hulu came out and you can watch every show available on your computer. Until they figured out that they would just charge you to watch certain shows. Now with the invention of the iPad it just makes everyone's life a little easier. We all know that you can downsize on the amount of books that you can carry. Also you can entertain the kids with the iPad, if you are taking a long car ride and etc.

Like I mentioned above that Hulu charges for watching the shows that you want to see on your computer, comes word that NBC, TBS and TNT are releasing their own iPad app where you can watch every show on an iPad. NBC has the Late night show with Jimmy Fallon on the NBC app. And you can steam on your iPad every episode of the America's got Talent. With TNT and TBS as is customary you need to have these channels already on your TV. Meaning that you need to be a subscriber to a cable or satellite provider. Just like the HBO GO app is the same way. You can watch every show or movie on the iPad but you need to be a subscriber to the service.

This just gives you just more options and not just go on your computer and spend 8 bucks a month with Hulu. So hopefully you follow my advice and go towards getting an iPad and enojoying the benefits of owning an iPad.

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