Full TV show is free online.. Seriously..

If you see the headline I am not playing around. I am not going to lie to my fellow reader ever. Now if you have tuned into any Fox network show or any of Fox's sister stations you might have noticed that there is a new show coming out this fall called New Girl. The show stars Zooey Deschanel which starred in the summer hit 500 days of summer and is now coming to the TV screen and hopefully pulls out a nice TV career. I am not hear to talk about what the show is all about. But what the TV company is doing to promote the show and another show that is trying to get some sort of revival.

Fox is releasing the first episode online for free, yes you heard that right. You can go on iTunes and on Hulu and you can see the full episode for free, two weeks before it offically airs on the TV. The show will offically launch on September 20th. Now here are the rules behind the watching of the 1st episode of this show. Now iTunes has it online right now, so if you click on the iTunes icon on your computer you can download it to your computer and watch the show until the September 2oth premiere on TV. Hulu and on FOX.com will have it on September 13th and also until the day of the premiere you can watch the show for free. Also the group blog that Ms. Zooey Deschanel writes for and is called Hello Giggles also has the show airing on their site. After the premiere of the show on TV the show will disappear forever.

This is rare time when a TV network releases one of their shows online for free. There was one other time that FOX did this and the show was so bad that it only aired 2 shows and then put it out of it's misery. So this is not looking good for Zooey. So good luck FOX and hopefully this one works out for everyone involved.

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