FOX and Amazon unite together - Smart Move

Amazon and FOX tv have united their companies so that FOX tv can stream their shows on the Amazon website. Pretty soon Amazon will be the location on the web to go for streaming video of shows. If are a fan of the shows of Arrested Developement and who wasn't? The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for the first time ever in digital form the Wonder Years.

The shows from FOX will be available on the Amazon Prime section of their streaming service later this fall. Now one of the good benefits of going with Amazon as opposed to Netflix is that you can stream the video for an unlimited period of time. Now the question you might be asking yourself right now? How much is this going to cost me? Well it will for $79 a year and another benefit is that you will receive unlimited 2 day shipped in items from Amazon. But not only is FOX going to offer TV shows but they will also be offering some movies, for example Office Space.

With this addition it brings Amazon Prime's video count at 11,000 so that would include TV shows and movies. The studios that have signed up to be with Amazon are CBS, NBCUniversal, Sony, Warner Bros, and now FOX. The Amazon CEO has mentioned that they have doubled their lineup that is available on Amazon Prime and also says that there are more to come.

The FOX deal just makes Amazon more enticing than with Netflix. We all have seen the demise of Netflix, the raising of prices, the seperation of the mailing of DVDS to make another company, losing Starz, Now Amazon is way cheaper at this present time than Netflix. Now if you are a user of Netflix and have not gotten off the sinking ship, now is your time my friends there is finally another company we can now stream videos on the net and for a low price. But one thing that Amazon has to work out is by offering it on mobile devices, iPad's, iPhones, Windows phones, video game consoles. Until they do this Netflix fans will stick by but Amazon just is growing to take away some of those loyal Netflix customers.

So the question I ask is will you be jumping ship? Or will you just wait until there is another company that matches Netflix and for a low price?

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