Bullying really needs to stop now!!!

I know this out of my level of expertise but I keep hearing of cases and cases of these and it just boils me up to read these types of stories and today's was just the one that set me off on this. We have seen and heard of this bullying of kids. And there are different outlets that are doing all they can to put an end to the situation but I think there must be more done.

I was just reading on theHuffingtonPost that a Mitchell Wilson who was from  Canada and he suffered frommusculardystrophy . He struggled to do simple things like walking or going up the stairs. He used a walker to school and go home from school. The doctor's had advised him to exercise more to stave more of the disease hitting him more. This is the situation that just made me mad. The boy was mugged for his father's iPhone by another 12 year old kid. Now my thing is this if he wanted to mug someone why doesn't he mug the biggest and baddest dude around? Why pick on someone that is defenseless? Thank god that he got arrested for what he did. But the problem starts at home for this thing that bullied this poor kid.

This is where the story turns tragic after that happened the boy didn't want to go back to school. He feared that he would see the kid again at the school. So he just put a bag around his head and killed himself. That just makes me sicker.

Then I hear of kids here in the states that they get bullied because they are gay or they like different stuff from the rest of us. Hey! Bullies... You think that you are all tough and all for pushing people around that can't seem to defend themselves, why can't you push some big people around because you seem like to pick fights with people. Why not get into a MMA ring? Let's see if you are as tough as you seem to project to these defenseless souls. When is this going to stop??

I mean these bullies really need to get taught a lesson. Does it start at home? Do they need some love? I really think that it all starts at home. If you talk to any of the parents they will say little Timmy is not capable of doing this he is a perfect angel. I don't think they really know what they have at home and if they do they just hide behind their defending of their bully at home. Until someone gets arrested for their actions will they learn of what they have done. So if you are a parent at home right now reading this, do you know what kind of kid you have at home?

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