Amazon Kindle Fire is en fuego!

So we all have seen and heard from the millions and millions of Apple fans including yours truly, that the iPad is the latest and greatest device. I will have to admit it here that I was at first hesitant to this device. Because I never saw the point of the device, I just saw the device as a big iPhone. But after closely observing this device. It is the latest and greatest. But this blog post will not be all about Apple. We are here to discuss Amazon's newest and greatest device that is en fuego.

First off it is not as expensive as the iPad. The price is $199. The CEO made it a point in saying that his company works hard to charge customers less and there are others that work hard to charge customers more and both methods work but they are the latter of those companies. Nice shot Mr. CEO of Amazon. The size of the device is 7 inches not as big as the iPad. It weighs 14.6 ounces.  It is only available with Wi-Fi so you don't need to hook it up to your computer or anything. Also the storage capacity of the device is 8GB that is good for 80 apps, plus 10 movies 0r 800 songs or 6,000 books. It runs on the Android OS like any other device out on the market it is either Apple OS or Android. With this device you gain free access to the Amazon cloud service which comes in handy because if you are going to be downloading tons of songs, books or apps and god forbid that this device breaks down but your cloud will have everything you have downloaded. It has internet access where you can surf the web as you would on any computer and also you have the e-mail service on the Kindle Fire where you can aceess your e-mail from Gmail, AOL, Yahoo etc.

Now here is a dilemma that could happen to me and you. Now let's say that you are watching a movie on the Kindle Fire and you have to stop it because you are going to be going somehwhere or do something. Now you don't have to search for the spot that you left of on. With the Amazon Whispersync if you leave a movie on your Kindle Fire without finishing you can acess the movie right where you left off from any TV, computer that has access to Amazon Instant video. Also with buying this device you can aceess to the one free month of Amazon Prime which lets you enjoy TV shows, movies and free 2 day shipping on the Amazon site.

The battery is good for 8 hours of reading and 7.5 hours of video playback as long as the wireless is off on the device. It states that if you leave the Wi-fi on the device that will change the battery life of the device. And of course it is a touch screen device. I really think that this device will gain some ground on the Apple iPad craze. Good job Amazon.

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