Where does Apple go? Up or Down?

We all must have read or heard on the news that Steve Jobs is resigning from his post of CEO of Apple and just taking on the post of chairman of the board (which in reality chairman of the board sounds more cooler). Tim Cook is now the new CEO of Apple. Everyone now is questioning whether the company is going to be able to function with Steve Jobs at the helm?

Let me just tell everyone out there that this company is a mega power and that no one is able to bring this empire down. Unless you really really mess up. In reality I have to admit that in the near future there should be no problem with company a lot of the products that will be coming out now and in the next couple of years are already in production. Plus Tim Cook has taken control of the company and various points in the past few years and nothing has happened everyone still kept on buying the products. The only thing that was affected and it always happens, Apple's stock always drops when Steve steps down for health reasons and when he resigned the stock went down. It went up whenever he came back from his brief vacation.

Honestly if you think about it. Steve Jobs was like what Michael Jordan was to the Chicago bulls. What I mean by that comment is that no one will be able to replace him. There is only one Steve Jobs. Because he built a mega power of a company that is now the most valuable company it beat out Exxon Mobil recently. I mean the man whenever he held a conference everyone went to go see him announce his new products. He was like the Tony Stark character in Iron Man minus the fireworks. This was a man that could sell ice to a Eskimo. He would make that ice look all nice and make it very enticing to the Eskimo.

He changed the music industry by creating the iTunes Music store  when everyone including myself was downloading stuff from Napster and also by creating the iPod. When he created the iPod they were just getting into a market where no one was a clear leader in the portable Mp3 player market until Apple came in and took off and has never looked back. Everyone is trying to catch them but has never ever made it close.

The cell phone's on the market before Apple came in was very pedestrian meaning that no one was a clear cut favorite and also no one was wanting to get a phone as the iPhone is right now. Take into account this much the iPhone was with AT&T exclusively until they shared the iPhone with Verizon customers and they are enjoying the phone. Now when the iPhone 5 comes out they want to also include it into the Sprint phone line. And when T-Mobile joins AT&T they will also get the iPhone. So every cell phone provider will be getting an iPhone.

The computer market is almost Apple's also. I mean as i've mentioned before in a past post if you go to any college or university campus the most used computer among students is Apple. I mean there are some PC users out there but i would have to say that the PC is losing the battle that they had well in hand. I mean honestly the computer is a reliable computer that will never fail and is easy to use and no one user of Apple wants the hassle of adding anti-virus on their computer and worry about a virus hitting their computer.

So overall I really think the company is in good hands. We just have to see what happens when the new iPhone comes out and the even newer iPad comes out. So on behalf of myself I wish you good luck Mr. Tim Cook you will do well with Apple you are the right hand man of Steve Jobs. So people let's get behind this man and cheer him on.

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