Techy Bytes 08-19-2011

PS3 is on sale - If you never thought you would see the day, well it is here now. Sony has officially put it's prized console on sale for the low low price 50 dollars off. So here are the details of the sale. Your entry level PS3 is now $250 and the other system with more storage capacity is now $300. As well know if one company does one thing the other must answer back. So now the attention turns to Microsoft and whether they will lower price of the Xbox 360. The entry level model is already at $200 so we will see if they do lower it even further. But the move that Sony made was just to make the PS3 more accessible to everyone and to drum up some more sales for their console. And also they are preparing themselves for the launch of PS Vita but in that arena they are going to be in a big time battle versus the smartphone market. So we will see what happens with this price reduction that the PS3 has. And whether people are lining at their local electronics store and getting their hands on the console.

Update to Lion OSX - If you read my blog entry of when Apple released the new OS referred as Lion, I advised everyone to not go out and download the OS because there was bound to be bugs in the OS. And now Apple released an update 10.7.1 The update fixes some issues like when watching a video online it would hang while on the Safari browser. Also the audio would fail when you would connect thru an HDMI or optical audio out. The Wi-Fi would work at times and wouldn't at others. Also some issues of when transferring data from Tiger to Lion. If you have applied the update already on your computer do you see any changes? Or are their still failures in the system?  I would like to hear from you.


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