Techy Bytes 08-12-11

HP TouchPad on sale for good - If you remember my post just last week I had informed you that HP was going was going be offering the HP TouchPad for $400 dollars and that it was only going to be available at that price for last weekend. Now comes word that HP is sticking to that price from here and out. So I guess that the sale this weekend really made some serious loot for HP. So we will see if the company continues at this rate or will it go lower. Also there will be another TouchPad because HP has turned into the FCC for approval I suppose. But this version will be a 7 inch tablet that might be called the "TouchPad Go" and will come in 4 different models the 16 and 32 GB models with and without 4G connections. When it will be released who knows. But it is a good bet that it could come either during the holidays or when the Consumer Electronics fair is underway. So stay tuned on that.

If all else go red! - If at this present time you or your kids are not owners of the Nintendo 3DS (I agree with you if you are not) If you are not a fan of the Black 3DS or the Blue 3DS they are debuting a new model which will come in red. It will be released on September the 9th and then after that the price of the device will be lowered from $250 to $170. There are reports around the Internet that says that Walmart is already selling the devices that they have at $169.96. If you are not a fan of the Wal-Mart brand than just go to another retailer and state that Wal-Mart has it going for the price stated and they most likely will match it. But if they don't just wait until it offically is launched at that price by Nintendo or just gut it out and make your purchase from Wal-Mart.

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