Techy Bytes 08-05-11

100 dollars off for a HP Touchpad - Yes! you heard that right a device is lowering it's price when it was launched just recently. And no it is not because of pressure from rivals or in need of customers. The lower price will be in effect this weekend only on it's website so don't go to your local Best Buy or RadioShack and ask for a discount because they will not offer it. So starting today until Sunday on HP's website you can get the TouchPad for 100 dollars off.  Now I don't think that this will make a dent into the iPad's business. One thing that HP has going is that the OS is built from within. Unlike the Android it is spread around to various manufacturers of tablets. So we will see if people out there will be flooding the HP site to get a TouchPad. So if you want one fire up the computer and get your hands on one.

False Advertising - I knew it was too good to be true. If you are a football fan, you must have seen the commercials with Deion Sanders telling guys that they can get DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket free with any package that they sign up for. Comcast has sued DirectTV for deceiving people with that advertisement. Now the trick is that it is free the first year but the second year is when you have to pay for the package. And this is very strange because why would a rival company sue DirectTV? Does Comcast feel the pressure from DirectTV that most customers will jump ship to get onboard the DirectTV? We will see what happens with the lawsuit whether it is legit. But guys until they settle that debate don't go out and sign up with DirectTV.

PS Vita is coming in 2012 -  If you remember to my post of when Sony announced that this device was going to be making it's debut during the holiday season will it now turns out that it will be until next year when they finally do launch the PS Vita. If they think that this device will not be affected by holding out on releasing the device. Your wrong Sony. First and foremost portable devices are not like the Gameboy was when Nintendo first released, what I mean by that is that they are not the only device on the market. And also the device has to offer a lot to get people to flock to them. Second the smartphone has been a bad thing for portable gaming devices. Because most people are going to say that you can purchase a game cheap on my smartphone and not spend close to 30 dollars or 40 dollars for a game. Third the price. They say that the price will be 300 dollars for the device with 3G service, why, would you want to sign up for a contract with a wireless company? 250 dollars for the one not running 3G. They did ask the president of Sony if they would consider lowering the price? He just said that the device offers tons of features that makes it worth the price and will not lower the price. This from the company that didn't lower the price of the PS3 when it was first released and no one was flocking to get one. And until they lower the price you get more followers. So we will see Mr. President if you don't lower the price.  So stay tuned.

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  • Dude, I'm not trying to be mean, but you've got to clean up your grammar if you're going to write a blog. It doesn't have to be perfect, but this just makes chicagonow and you look bad. Good luck

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    I appreciate your comment, I will keep a better eye out for those errors. Again I am sorry for those errors, Hopefully you keep catching up on the latest tech news.

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