Motorola+Google = Motoogle

This Tuesday came word that Google is going to acquire Motorola Mobility and that just helps Google in the long run to make a dent into Apple. But we all know that once a company gets close to over taking Apple, Apple will make something bigger and better to move further away from the competition. But this is all about Google's acquisition.

Motorola as we all know here in Chicago that Motorola is a mega compnay that was the first to come out with the mobile phone. And they have struggled since. I mean they did have the Razr which was popular before the iPhone was the rage. But once the Blackberry and then the iPhone came out, Motorola just lost their mojo and haven't been able to gain it back. Now with them joining forces with Google it just makes both companies stronger in the long run. One the company mentioned that they are not going to be leaving the Chicago area and Google will be working along side with the Chicago company.

I mean Google is right there behind Apple with their Android OS on various phones and now uniting with the Motorola it just gives the company an avenue where they can incorporate their OS into Motorola phones. And maybe this just gives both companies an added boost. So all this does from all for the other phone companies that include Android on their phones, is to come up with better phones and plus putting the Android OS on the phones. So this is just healthy competition fellow phone companies. Because think about it. If HTC comes out with a cool phone with all the bells and whistles that will just motivate Google/Motorola to come up with a bigger and better phone.

We will see what Motorola and Google come up with, when will the first phone from these two mega companies come out? Maybe next year we will see. So stay tuned fellow readers.


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  • I was thinking something more like Goatorola would be fitting. Baaaaaah...

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    HAHA!!! Sounds more like the newest cola entering the cola battle..

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