iTunes match out in beta form

Do you remember from my past post that I had stated on the blog, the last presentation that Steve Jobs presented products to the public. He had announced that they were going to launch a new cloud service that is going to be called iCloud and will be offically launched in the fall. But along side that announcement he also announced that the they would be launching the iTunes Match service.

Let me just refresh everyone on what the iTunes Match does. Whatever music you have on any computer, iOS device the cloud will be able to store all that music. But what iTunes Match does is this. For a $25 a year fee it will scan your music and see what music is available in the iTunes music store. And the cloud will store it with the highest quailty that Apple offers on all their mp3 music. Now if they don't exist on their iTunes music store it will still store it. You the user have the capacity of storing as much as 25,000 songs in the cloud and they will be able to be accessed from computer, iPad, and iPod touch and iPhone.

Also one more thing if you download songs from any device like iPad, iPod touch, computer it could be either a PC or Mac there is no preference and or iPhone it will automatically appear on your other devices. That is what the iCloud does.

Will you be jumping on the Apple cloud or will you look elsewhere? We will see what happens. Tell me your thoughts.

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