HP TouchPad gone before our very eyes

It was not long ago that HP had announced that they were launching their own version of the iPad. HP had a good concept because they made their own device and the OS was their own ala Apple. But after just a little time out on the market they had announced that they were lowering the price to their device 100 dollars off. Then came word that HP was giving up on the battle for supremacy to be the top tablet maker. I guess the pressure from Apple drained them out of all the energy they had. So when it was announced that they were lowering the price of their device drastically that came out of no where. Even I didn't know about this going down but on Saturday I got a message from a friend who had advised that the HP tablet was as low as 100 dollars. Yes! you heard that right. From 500 dollars to as low as 100 dollars. I was very much surprised and once I went online and searched for the device on every site, no one had it available and if they did they were not selling the device anymore.

I really don't know what went wrong? Honestly they didn't give themselves a chance for the market to react to their device. They had commercials with various Hollywood stars promoting the device. But yet that didn't garner much attention. Now with HP out of the tablet computer picture what happens now? Various publications say that HP will try to sell the OS to another company and see if they can revive and if not they will just put it out it's misery.

And who is left in the competition? Well Google of course with their Android tablets. But the Android OS is not on just one device, it is on various manufactured tablets, the Blackberry Playbook is still out there too. And also other generic versions but they don't add up to what these 3 companies are doing in the marketplace. But the Blackberry Playbook  is not getting much hype because from what the suits at RIM mentioned that they only wanted executives, the people that once made their cellphones popular to make this tablet popular again.

But like I mentioned to a friend last week I have a feeling that Apple is going to do away with the competition and their will only be a few tablets out there for you to choose. Apple, Google and if Blackberry doesn't give up they might be the only ones standing. I mean honestly no one bets against the iPad, it is everywhere from tv shows, news stations have them. Someone has to come out and knock it out of the park and blow away Apple. Until then Apple is atop the mountain and no one can knock them off.

I just really feel sorry for HP they could have made it very interesting for Apple but decided to pick up their ball and run away.


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