$10 for internet?

Comcast the cable and internet provider have announced a new venture that will provide low income families with a chance to move into the new era of technology where everyone is communicating through their Facebook accounts, catching up on the latest news on the internet, downloading music, pictures. Anything that we are used to doing, a low income family now has the chance to do that.

This program is called "Essentials" it will provide low cost internet access as well as affordable computers and also provide classes to anyone who wants to get into the new digital age. Like everything there is a catch to this. If you are  a parent of child in school that child must get free lunch under National School Lunch Program this comes from the companies blog.

So here are the spec's of what the 10 dollar internet will do. You can download stuff at 1.5 mbps and upload stuff at 384 kbps the plan goes for $9.95 per month plus whatever they charge for taxes. So here is how you qualify for this.

- You must be somewhere where Comcast provides internet service, they currently are in 39 states.

- Have one child receiving free lunch through the National School Lunch program.

- You also must not have gotten Comcast service within the past 90 days.

- Also you must now owe money to Comcast through either unpaid bills or failure to return equipment.

Also when you get the chance to get this Internet service you also have the chance to purchase a netbook/laptop computer at $149.99 plus tax. The computer support connected and Wifi Internet service, the OS is Windows 7. So we will see if people will take advantage of this opportunity.

I am very glad that Comcast is doing something for the families that can't afford trendy computers that cost a ton of money. And also making the Internet affordable so we are not left behind the likes of Japan and China. Because honestly we are always behind them. So I applaud you Comcast. Bravo!  I have included the link to the program right at the bottom if you know of anyone who can benefit from this send over the link to them.



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  • Wish they'd do something for loyal customers who have been paying their bills for many years at full rate. Guess being a GOOD customer doesn't pay.

  • In reply to Don Dziedzina:

    I know! These companies should do something to their most loyal customers. Because don't you agree that when you sign up for a service or purchase a product there is always a better offer or product out there.

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