Techy Bytes 07-29-11

Amazon + Nintendo 3DS = No match - When this portable console was made I thought that it would influence kids and adults into getting into the 3D craze of gaming. If you have followed my blog from day one, you know that I am not a fan of 3D. Nintendo made it that you didn't need to wear any special glasses to see the games in 3D all you had to do was to turn up or down the 3D for the games. Now comes word that if you are looking to purchase said device you will not be able to find one on the Amazon website. All Amazon said was that they were hearing the customers inquiries about the device and are taking care of the issue and hope to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Although you can still get the device from Target and other sources but Amazon is the only retailer that is not selling the device. We will see what the problem to this stoppage was.

3DS drops in price - Starting this August 12 if you are shopping for this device you will notice a price drop in the amount of $80 dollars. From $250 to $170. I mean this is very signficant drop because if people are like me. They are catching on that 3D is not the way to go. The president of Nintendo of America mentioned that if you had your doubts about buying the device, there should be no more doubts about getting the device. If you are of the few who purchased the device you will be getting a reward for purchasing the portable console before the price drop. You can download 20 free games from the eShop that Nintendo has for their games. If after this price drop they don't get more customers than I would advise the president of Nintendo of America to just put the 3Ds in extinction. And go back to the drawing board and make a better device for everyone.

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