Techy Bytes 07-15-2010

Neighbor v.s. neighbor - This is just so wrong in so many ways that it just makes you wonder why anyone leaves their Wi-Fi available for everyone to access. This happened in Minnesota, a man was put in jail for 18 years for breaking into his neighbors Wi-Fi network and tying to frame his neighbors for child pornography, sexual harrasment, also sending out threating e-mails to various politicans and even Vice-President Joe Biden.

The guy was very angry at his neighbors Matt and Beth Kostolnik because they reported him to the police for kissing their son. The man's name is Barry Ardolf he used programs to access the Wi-Fi connection that was password protected. Once he was able to gain access to the Wi-Fi connection he set up e-mail accounts in their name and began doing his dirty work. The FBI got involved once he tried to threaten Joe Biden, Barry wanted it to seem like the couple was sending the e-mails. But the FBI investigated and came up with the conclusion that it was not them that were sending the threating e-mails.

Here are some tips that can deter any person from accessing your Wi-Fi if you have an secure connection or not.  Edit your Wi-Fi connection, what does that mean. Well what that means the name of your connection. Try to make the connection name as generic as you can. But if you want to stand out with your name try putting $20 dollars per hour, slow as a mule, and maybe Chicago Police Department. So hopefully this helps everyone out there.


Facebook vs Bullies - Time Warner and Facebook as joining forces against the problem that many young kids out there are facing and that is the bully.

The joining of forces was announced this past Tuesday. What they are trying to do is make people that get bullied into trying to report the conflict immediately. This just makes Facebook which is one of the most popular social networks just another avenue for people that have these problems to have an outlet where they can feel that they always have backup.

Now you might be asking what is Time-Warner going to be doing in this battle. Well what they are going to be doing is putting on their networks, advertisements against bullying. They also want to go into magazines that Time-Warner owns like Time, Sports Illustrated and People. And on October, Anderson Cooper  will be  hosting a town hall against the bullying epedemic.

I mentioned this when a student in the university level killed himself for a senseless thing that a roommate did against him, just because he was gay. It happens not only to gays, it happens to short, tall, chubby kids. So I just want to say to anyone that is out there reading this and feels that they are being bullied. That they are not alone, and never wil be alone. We are with you  in this battle and will get those people to act like they should. How would they feel if the roles are reversed? Would they say the things that they do? Would they do the things that they do?

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