Techy Bytes 07-08-11

Happy Friday everyone out there. As you all know I will kick off Friday with the staple that you must be now accustomed to Techy Bytes. Let's kick off now!

I can see you Facebook - This past Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that everyone was anticipating. If you read last week's Techy Bytes I had mentionedthat Mark Zuckerburg was going to make an announcement that was going to be "awesome" and there were rumors going on the net saying that it would be an iPad app, this, that and the other. But what the "awesome" news was, is that now you, user of Facebook which I pretty much bet everyone reading my blog today is. You the user and also if you have a webcam available. You can now easily video chat with any person on your buddy that has also a webcam. They are working alongside Skype. Your buddy list will be on the right side of the browser like the AIM buddy list. You knew that Facebook had to make something happen because Google made their own Facebook called Google +, Now with Google + like when Facebook began you need to get invited to join the social network. So right now I would have to say that Facebook is winning this battle.

Unlimited Music storage on a cloud? - Yes! You heard that right a cloud that is out right now is offering an unlimited music storage. And the cloud is the Amazon cloud service and the price tag is going to be $20 a year not a bad price for an unlimited service. If you remember the cloud that Amazon offers didn't work with Apple devices so now with this they can now work from your Apple device and also may entice some people that are waiting for the iCloud. Now you can store all your music for a 20 dollar fee. So will you be jumping ship? Or are you going to wait it out and see when everyone's cloud is working and then you can compare and contrast. I would prefer to wait it out. What will you do?

Motorola Droid 3 coming for you - If you are on the Verizon network and are an owner of a Droid phone you might be looking for the newer Droid 3. This Thursday morning the Droid 3 was officially launched on the Verizon website. The price is for $199 and a two year contract. The rival to the iPhone which has a very thinQWERTY keyboard with new features which I will go into detail. Underneath the phone it features a 1 GHZ dual processor where the Droid 2 only has a single processor, has a 8 mega-pixel camera that does HD video, front facing camera to be used for video calls and also uses the Skype app that is fully integrated into the phone to use. It has 16 GB of internal storage which doubles the size Droid 2. Bigger screen than it's rivals with a 4 inch screen. As we all know the 4G is not available in all areas so that might scare away some customers. But youcan use the phone as a 3G mobile hotspot where you can connect up to 5 devices. The phone also is able to be used all around the world. Now if you are a new customer you will have to take advantage of the $30 dollar, 2GB data usage. While if you are a user already you can keep the data plan that you already have. So don't worry my friends.

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