Techy Bytes 07-01-2011

Happy Friday to everyone. This is the 4th of July weekend where everyone is anxious to get to the BBQ's and to fireworks parties that people are going to be throwing this Monday. And of course today will be the hottest day in a long time so everyone please be safe and drink a ton of water, stay hydrated. If possible check up on the elderly if you know of any. Now onto today's Techy Bytes.

Happy Birthday iPhone - Who knew that people kept track of a phone's birthday. But that is what happened this past Wednesday when word leaked that the iPhone was celebrating it's 4 year birthday. So what are people out there going to be doing? Having birthday parties, with balloons and cakes? If you remember when it was first launched there was a lot of people waiting in lines just to get their hands on the device or to either sell it on Ebay. It had 4GB worth of storage and was going for 500 dollars. The iPhone started the touch screen craze on most smart-phones now. Also the App store changed the way we buy applications for our phones. And now Google has their app store. Since the launch of the iPhone many phone companies have just dropped. Like for example RIM which carries the Blackberry, they haven't been able to muster much hype for their phones. Microsoft restarted their phone with Windows 7. But if you compare the device to others it is just a baby. And it has built a big following that will only grow with Verizon having an iPhone and then when T-Mobile joins AT&T more people will want to get their own iPhone. Honestly do you think the iPhone will ever go away? Because I don't think it will. Only bigger and better things to come from Apple.

Facebook surprise? - This past Wednesday Mark Zuckerburg made an announcement at one of the Facebook office's in Seattle that it will launch something awesome next week. He didn't reveal what it could be, but that just fuels the speculation from the internet. Might they come out with a iPad app? Also being rumored out on there is a mobile phone photo sharing app. Or will he announce something else and throw everyone a curve ball? We will see next week the awesome news comes

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