NBA 2K12 covers the USA

All of us that are video game enthusiasts of sports games have loved the NBA 2K series and last year was their best year to date because they found a way to include the greatest basketball player of our generation, of course the beloved Michael Jordan. The way that you could recreate the great games of MJ's career like the flu game, the 63 point playoff game. If you didn't want to play those game you could play MJ versus the now generation which are Lebron, Kobe and Wade and list goes on and on. But it was one of their best selling games of all time. So what can you do to match the greatness of that game?

Well turns out now that MJ will be in the new NBA 2K12 and not only him but Magic Johnson and Larry Bird each will graze the covers of the popular video game. Now it will not be that the three will be on the cover, no each player will be on their own cover. So basically they covered each area of the U.S you have the west coast love for Magic and then you have the East Coast love for Bird and then you have the midwest love for MJ. Honestly the whole world really loves each for what they were able to do.

The thing now is how will you be incorporating all three of these legends into the game? Will you the player of the game will now be recreating some of their greatest games? We will have to see when the game comes out on October the 4th. It might be another money maker for 2K sports.

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