iPad's are in the cockpit

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Hopefully everyone out there had themselvesa very nice and safe 4th of July. We all suffer from the same every time there isa long weekend and don't want to go back to work on Tuesday or even for the rest of the week, but it has to be done in order for the world to go round. So now onto today's blog entry.

We all have read articles online or even in newspapers of how We iPad has revolutionized the book industry and yet here is another example of how the iPadis taking over our lives. According to the Techland, pilots in various airlines are ditching their regular manuals with an iPad. Now usually the manuals weigh 40 pounds, very heavy my friends. So now with the iPad you can have all those pounds of paper in a tablet. So instead of carrying that heavy manual now you can just have that tablet in your backpack or where ever they carry their manuals. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Executive Jet Management are the airlines that will be doing the switch over to digital reading material.

Now not only are pilots switching over the iPad. But there has been talk for sometime that NFL coaches wanted to give up the printed play-books and switch over to the iPad. South Korea is really thinking of switching over all the booksin schools over to digital format in 2015.

You might be saying to yourself right now. If I can't use my iPad at certain timeswhen i'm flying, why can they? Well they are allowed to use their iPad's only before and after flights not during. Now if they use these devices will they go easy on us the rider of the plane and will let us use our devices. But no flight attendant wants to be put in that situation where you will decide what device is allowed and which one is not.

Only the FAA is allowed to make those changes but I doubt they will make any changes any time soon on how you use your device of choice. But here I am going to be playing devil's advocate, but what if said pilot is doing something else other than reading his manual during a flight. Do you as the customer of the airline are you not going to complain and say if I can't use it? Why can they use it during a flight? If the airlines have a techy that is working for them on these iPads being there during flights, maybe he could block the iPad fromdoing other stuff other than looking at their manuals.
So we will see how it all goes for these airlines and maybe more will join in the iPad craze.

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  • Hi Chicago Techy,
    I'm a pilot for a major airline (and a fellow ChicagoNow blogger: A Ctiy Mom) I too have wondered why I have to turn my iPad off when I'm a passenger but keep hearing rumors we'll be getting them in the cockpit. But I do know this, if they are or will be used to replaced our paper charts, they most certainly will have to be used DURING flight. We use charts for most airborne departure, enroute and arrival and landing procedures. I have yet to meet a pilot who could memorize an entire airports approach plates!

  • Hey Kim

    Thanks for reading up on my blog. I hope you can be a follower of my blog as I would love be a follower of yours. I understand if the manual is very thick, who has the time to memorize inside out that thing. I think that the iPad would be very benefical for every pilot involved in a flight. But the thing is this. Do you not agree with me that all it will take is one dumb pilot that gets caught playing a game on his or her iPad and that could cause an outrage everywhere. That is why I think that whoever is setting this up for the airlines has to somehow make it only maunal usage nothing more. Do you agree with me there?

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