Amazon is better than University book store

We all at one point in our lives we all have experienced the hassle of purchasing college textbooks and the price is always outrageous and then when you want to trade it in to get some money the value goes down and or that version is no longer in use. Sorry for reminding everyone of those days. But fear no more college students out there. There is someone that cares for you the college student.

Amazon is now going to be offering a textbook rental program that can aide you the student a ton of money.

Now how does this all work for you the student? Well first of all you make the decision of how long you want to rent the book for? You can rent it for 30 days, or if you want to rent it for the full year, you can do so. You can also purchase the book as well if you wish. Once you get the book rented you can then access the book via your Mac, PC, Kindle, smartphone.

Every student, parent is hopping for joy as they are reading this. Because not only are they going to not be carrying the heavy books in their backpacks but it also saves everyone involved in the college process a ton of money. And also you are guaranteed of getting the latest version and you are certainly not going to get a version that is 5 years old.

Another thing that is very good is that the Amazon Kindle is very affordable, so if you ask your parents or if your kid is asking you for a Kindle it will not be the price of a iPad.

I for one also remember the days of paying a ton of money for textbooks then when you want to resell it back to the school they only give you back 5% of what you paid. So this come as a welcome sign for every student out there. So guys take advantage of this new system of purchasing books.

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