Techy Bytes 06-24-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Today is the start of the Taste of Chicago
for us here in Chicago it is like the biggest Picnic by the lake. So take 
advantage while this food festival is the way it is originally. Because you know 
how things are changing in Chicago and before we know it they might charge us 
to get into the festival. Now onto today's Techy Bytes. 
New tablet enters the arena - Every manufacturer has come out with their own 
tablet. And now Vizio has entered the competition. Might I say that this tablet 
might be a very interesting device. First of all the device has an 8 inch screen,
the price is $350 and comes out next month. The cool thing about this device is 
that it has an infrared controller where you can use it as a remote control for 
your tv. No it doesn't just work for Vizio TV's. It works well with other 
TV's. Apple has not come out with nothing close to this feature. So Vizio wins 
this one. It has the same resolution as an iPad. It has a 1 GHZ processor with 
2 GB built in storage with a Micro SD slot where you can add more memory. Front
facing camera where you can have a video conference with friends. HDMI connection
where you can connect it to the TV and you can share what is on the tablet to show
off on the TV. And of course it will run with the Android OS. So another Android 
tablet enters the contest to be the best. 
3D is going down - If you have read my blog from day one you may already know 
that I have never been a fan of 3D movies and 3D TV's. So there was a study 
done that stated that movie goers did not want to watch the Green Lantern in 
3D. The study states that only 36 percent of people wanted to see the Green 
Lantern in 3D which is a drop. And not only that but also when they released 
Pirates of Caribbean: On stranger tides, and Kung Fu Panda 2. So now people are 
coming back to reality and saying why are we going to spend more to watch a movie
when we can see the same movie for a lower price. And like I mentioned the TV 
having 3D is not a good option because why are you going to buy a TV that has 
3D and only gives you 1 or at best 2 3D glasses. What if you have a big family 
you can not share glasses and if you want to pay for extra glasses it might cost 
you more for everyone to enjoy stuff on TV that is 3D. Plus who wants to slip 
on the glasses for everything that is on TV and might incorporate 3D. So 3D we
hardly knew you again. Adios! 

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