Techy Bytes 06-17-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another techy bytes edition of my blog will 
be here for you. I will be touching the bases on two topics that made news this 
past week. So here we go. 
Apple Back to School promo with a twist - Now every year when the summer comes 
around when kids are going to college or back to school are shopping for their 
laptops for school.  Apple has always said that if you purchase a Mac laptop  
you are going to be receiving an iPod. Well they are doing away with that idea 
and are coming out with a brand new concept. If you purchase a Mac laptop you 
will now be receiving a $100 gift card from iTunes. Now most people are going 
to be crying and saying what is Apple doing? But honestly guys think about it. 
Most people now have an iPhone or iPad and they can do without having the iPod
touch. Now here is the thing for you guys. I want you to listen to this now with 
the $100 gift card you can get tons of stuff from the App Store or the Music 
store and iBook store. So you can get a tons of apps for your computer that you
purchase or you can get some new music for your computer, or you can purchase 
your textbooks from the store if they are at a reasonable price. So don't you 
think that is better than having an iPod touch. Think about it. 
Apple sells unlocked iPhone - Yes! You heard that right Apple is selling an 
unlocked iPhone but again with a twist. If you saw this headline you might say 
well yes I can buy it and get it on the Sprint network, U.S cellular network.
But honestly you are stuck with AT&T or T-Mobile. So if you are a user of one 
of these companies and you want pony up a ton of money for the phone go ahead. 
Let me just advise you on a couple things. First the price is $649 for the 
16GB and $749 for the 32GB version. Now everyone knows the troubles that 
both of the companies have had with customers. Are you willing to hook up with 
those companies? As for me I wouldn't spend that much for a phone and as for the 
companies, well I am right now stuck with AT&T and their bad service around my 
area. It is basically a dead zone. Which is sad, because they promised that they 
were going to improve their service. But I have not seen it, prove it to me 

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