Techy Bytes 06-03-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend for everyone to enjoy 
unless your working this weekend that make it the best weekend possible. We are 
now in the period where the weather is getting hot and I would advise everyone 
to be safe. Now onto today's Techy Bytes edition of my blog. 
Kidney for iPad 2 - Now what would you do to get your hands on an iPad 2? Would 
you sell your blood? Be a guinea pig and do tests at a hospital? Turns out that 
a high school freshman in China apparently gave his kidney for an iPad 2. The 17 
year old found on the internet a kidney broker yes you heard that right. A kidney
broker, only in China. And this broker apparently offered 3,000 dollars or more 
for his kidney. So the final total for the kidney was $3,392.97 apparently 
he was offered $3,084.45 but they gave him more for it. When he got home 
he had bought a laptop and an iPad 2. Now the mom questioned the whole matter 
when he showed up at home with an iPad 2 and an iPhone. So the mom confronted 
him and he told how the got all those expensive things. So then the mom took 
it to the police and the police then went to the place where they performed the 
surgery. And it was a hospital. When the hospital was confronted by the allegations
of what had happened to the boy the hospital stated that they were not aware of this
and because the department where the surgery was performed was bought out by 
Fujian businessman. This just gets more interesting. 
The Playstation store is back in business - Now after a long period of not being 
able to access the store, it is now back in business. So now the question being 
asked now that we are able to go in. What do we get? Rockstar games is just 
getting most the attention because of the L.A Noire game that is just the best 
game out in a long time. What they are going to be doing for now you can download
2 new cases called The Naked City and a A Slip of the Tongue they were officially 
live Wednesday. And there are going to more on June and July so stay tuned. All 
the suits and guns and cases will go for 20 dollars but Rockstar is going to offer
a Rockstar Pass that will go for 10 dollars. Now you can also purchase tracks for 
Rock Band 3. The tracks are Lady Gaga's Born This Way, Run DMC - King of Rock, 
Roy Orbinson Only the Lonely, Do you feel like we do Peter Frampton. So users 
of the Playstation Network. You now are advised on the new things that are out 
and what is the best things to get. So enjoy. And your welcome. 

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