Sony and Nintendo winners @ E3

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hot day for everyone out there. 
Just a little piece of advice for everyone out there, please stay hydrated, drink 
a lot of water. And if possible find a place that has an AC. Also take good care
of your pets everyone. You don't want them to be out there for long periods of 
time. Also check on the elderly. Now onto today's entry. 
Everyone that is an avid gamer caught up with the goings on at E3. There was 
a lot of ground breaking stuff that happened at E3. Monday night the main event 
was the Sony press conference. We all wanted to see what they would do? First 
of all would they say sorry for what happened with the Network that was down for 
close to a month. They did announce a new toy for every mobile gamer out there. 
Now we all know that they had the PSP and when it came out, it was all the rage
and after a while it lost it's luster. And games started to just go missing from
store shelves. So they announced on Monday that they will be launching a new
device called the Sony PS Vita. Vita means life in latin. What the Vita offers 
is that like the PSP is a portable gaming device. And from the looks of it, it 
looks like an upgrade over the PSP. It comes in 2 versions the wi-fi and 3G/Wi-Fi
version the prices are $249 and $299 respectively. It is a very safe bet that it 
will coming out during the holiday rush. It has a 5-inch mult-touch OLED display, 
front and rear cameras, bluetooth 2.1, PS Vita card slot, memory card slot, and 
a USB connection for data transfer. The only groan heard around the press 
conference was when they made the announcement that they would partner up with 
the AT&T. Now my advice to everyone out there just get a wi-fi PS Vita and you 
don't have to worry about AT&T. Because if you have to purchase the 3G version 
there is a safe bet that you are going to sign a 2 year contract. But stay away 
from the AT&T store and get your Vita from another source. 
Another big time announcement came on Tuesday when Nintendo finally announced 
their new console that will be replacing the Wii. If you have read my blog, I had
mentioned that the Wii would be retired in 2012. So yesterday Nintendo told the 
millions and millions of people listening that the new creation will be named 
the Wii U. Now my first thought to this was did the Wii graduate and head to the 
university and is now called the Wii U. But funny stuff aside. I will be explaining 
some of the features and my thoughts on this device. Wii U is going to have the 
coolest looking controller that I have seen. First of all it has a 6.2 inch 
touch screen. It has a front camera where you can video chat with people from 
your controller. One cool thing about this controller is that let's just say 
that you are playing a game and someone walks into the room and says I want 
to change the channel. Now you can keep playing the game from the controller 
with the screen on the controller. Now for all owners of the Wii right now 
the devices that you currently have they will work on the Wii U. Also the games 
are backwards compatible. Now they never mentioned anything about the console. 
There was a sighting during the press conference. We can assume that it will 
feature HDMI compatible because they did mention a lot of HD. The size is 
similar to the Wii, it is not vertical it is just like your previous gaming 
devices that are flat. 2012 will be the year when it is going to be released. 
When? Who knows. But stay tuned. My thoughts like I mentioned was that I am 
very much impressed by the Wii U controller. But the thing that they kept 
mentioning was that it is not a portable gaming device. But come on! It really
does look like a portable gaming device. But if they say it is not, then just 
let it be. 

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