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Office 365 is coming for you

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over, you know  that after today that the rest of the week should be a breeze. We have been  enjoying some really nice weather lately, hopefully it lasts for the whole summer and we don’t have to suffer from a heatwave. Now onto today’s... Read more »

All about the iCloud

Happy Monday to everyone out there. I know I have not written for everyone out  there. But I am back here today. I will be covering a topic that was announced  a couple weeks back and I forgot to mention it at the time. And now I will be  covering it. So here we go.... Read more »

Techy Bytes 06-24-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Today is the start of the Taste of Chicago for us here in Chicago it is like the biggest Picnic by the lake. So take  advantage while this food festival is the way it is originally. Because you know  how things are changing in Chicago and before we know... Read more »

iPhone 5 coming???

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over and coming this weekend for anyone that still enjoys the food festival that is an annual  tradition Chicago will be coming this weekend until July 3rd. And that would be  the Taste of Chicago. So everyone get out to the Taste before they... Read more »

Techy Bytes 06-17-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another techy bytes edition of my blog will  be here for you. I will be touching the bases on two topics that made news this  past week. So here we go.  Apple Back to School promo with a twist – Now every year when the summer comes  around when... Read more »

iOS 5 upgrades

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there in the world wide web. Another hump day  to get over. Then this coming Sunday is Father’s Day. So it should be a nice day  for all the father’s out there. Now onto today’s topic. I will be getting in depth with the upgrades with the iOS 5.  All... Read more »

Mac OSX Lion

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend to get ready for. Just  everyone be careful and hope to see you all on Monday. Today’s blog entry will  be dedicated to the newest Mac OSX that was announced this past Monday so today it is usually Techy Bytes, but hopefully next week it will be... Read more »

Sony and Nintendo winners @ E3

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hot day for everyone out there.  Just a little piece of advice for everyone out there, please stay hydrated, drink  a lot of water. And if possible find a place that has an AC. Also take good care of your pets everyone. You don’t want them to be... Read more »

Techy Bytes 06-03-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend for everyone to enjoy  unless your working this weekend that make it the best weekend possible. We are  now in the period where the weather is getting hot and I would advise everyone  to be safe. Now onto today’s Techy Bytes edition of my blog.  Kidney for... Read more »