Office 365 is coming for you

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over, you know 
that after today that the rest of the week should be a breeze. We have been 
enjoying some really nice weather lately, hopefully it lasts for the whole summer
and we don't have to suffer from a heatwave. Now onto today's topic. 
If you read my blog this past Monday you know that I informed everyone out there 
about the new Apple iCloud. So now this Tuesday Microsoft announced that they are
offering their own version of a cloud. The cloud will be called Office 365. It 
will assist users of the Office software over the web. But only for business
All this does is try to stop people from jumping ship and going over to Google. 
This also could benefit business users of Office. And they make their price for 
small business users to use their service a fairly good price at $6 a month which 
for a year comes out to $72. 
What Office 365 does is that it lets users of Office that they can edit their 
documents from their web browsers. One nice feature on this cloud is called the 
Sharepoint. What Sharepoint does if you have more than person working on a project
you can have the rest of your team access the project and they can add or delete
stuff from the project. Most businesses use Office already so this is a very 
good product for any company that is willing to use this for their employees. 
Emailing is just got easier for users in the cloud. Users will be able to access
their contact lists, e-mails, calendars from their computer or from a smartphone. 
Here is a big promise from Microsoft that they promise no viruses. It comes with 
25 GB worth of storage and you can send attachments of up to 35 MB in size. 
Microsoft states that users will be able to access their Exchange online account 
from any iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and of course Windows Mobile and Windows 
phones. The service will work with software from way back in 2007 but if you the 
user are owner of anything older than 2007, you will be out of luck. 
Communicating over the web is made easy for business users. The service is called 
Lync Online is Microsoft's communication service for business users. They want to
take away some users from Skype, AIM, and Google chat. You can video chat with 
fellow users and also be able to share documents. So I can see a lot of business 
users using this service. 
Now after all that let's talk price. Now I mentioned that small businesses that 
has employees of 25 or less the price will be $6 a month. Large businesses 
will have a price that ranges from $10 to $27 a month. Plus they will offer 
tech support. So that is an advantage over Google. So I just hope that you as a 
business owner will look into this new service. Because from the look of it right 
now, it looks like a winner. 

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