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Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend to get ready for. Just 
everyone be careful and hope to see you all on Monday. Today's blog entry will 
be dedicated to the newest Mac OSX that was announced this past Monday so today
it is usually Techy Bytes, but hopefully next week it will be back. So onto 
today's topic. 
This past Monday Apple made the big announcement of the new OS for the Mac, 
iPhone, iPad and the most hyped product in sometime which is called the iCloud. 
But I will be focusing on the OS that really caught my eye and that is the Mac
OSX Lion. As is customary with any Mac OS it is named after a cat. But they 
mentioned that the new OS has 250 new features. And they only focused on 10 
of those features. And I will introduce to some of those new features. 
If you are an owner of the iPhone, you know that the phone has multi-touch 
gestures and now it is brought to the Mac. You can scroll up and down a web page,
tap to zoom in on a image, pinch to zoom, and swipe through documents, pics 
anything you can swipe through you can now with your Mac. Another of the new 
features is full screen apps. Now whenever you launch an app on the Mac it does
not load fully. So now with this new feature you can have it fill up your computer
screen. And another good thing you can get out of the app and then when you go 
back into the app it will be in full screen mode. Mission control is another new
feature. It is kind of like the word says. You can control the ship from mission 
contro, so here is what it does for you. If you have more than one app open 
on your computer you can control from mission control what app you want to go 
back into but at the same time you can see all the apps you have open. 
The Mac App Store will be built into Lion but everyone who owns a Mac right now
already downloaded it their computer. So it is no surprise. But they also mentioned
that they are the number one software store they beat Best Buy, Staples every one 
of them as fallen to the Apple. Resume is a new feature where if you get out of the 
app and you log back into the app, it will be back to the place where you were 
when you logged out. Auto save is one of the coolest features that I really liked.
Here is what it does. Now we all have heard from people that say save, save your 
info so you don't get mad later. Well now what this new feature does it saves it 
automatically for you. So if suddenly you are logged out of the computer you can 
go back and see the document as how you had it last. So that is a cool feature. 
But there are some questions that could arise. Airdrop is one that is very 
intriguing. Now if your friends or family members have Airdrop here is what it 
does. Now let's say you want to share a file with them. Now you used to e-mail 
it or just transfer it with a CD. But now you just fire up Airdrop and you can 
see all the people that have Airdrop and you can click and drag the file to 
the person's icon and bam they have it already on their computer but they have 
to confirm to receive that file. And once they do. Then they get it loaded on their
computer. It is transferred over a wi-fi connection another thing it is very secure 
because the files are encrypted and secure so don't worry guys on that. 
Now the price to this new OS, what is it? Well they did mention that they priced
their previous versions at $129 and they also came optical cd's. But now this 
is a new age. Now if you noticed above that they mentioned the App store is 
the number one location for app downloads. So Apple will be selling their new 
OS from there. Ok! But what is the price? Well I did mention previous versions 
were priced at $129 so now the price for this new OS is the low low price of 
$29. So a lot more people will be getting it I sense. Also it will be a 4GB 
file, it installs straight to your computer and you can install them on all 
authorized Mac's and this will be the easiest upgrade. So if you are as excited 
as me for this new OS. We will be flooding the internet to get this OS. 
Have a nice weekend everyone. 

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