iPhone 5 coming???

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over and coming
this weekend for anyone that still enjoys the food festival that is an annual 
tradition Chicago will be coming this weekend until July 3rd. And that would be 
the Taste of Chicago. So everyone get out to the Taste before they start charging
us when we enter the festival. Now onto today's topic. 
We were all happy that Apple had announced the newly minted iCloud and the 
New Lion OS and the upgrades to mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone with the 
iOS 5. But there was something missing which was the new iPhone. There have been 
rumors running rampant online saying that there would a new update to the 
prestigious phone. But Steve Jobs said there was just updates to software and 
there would be no new hardware. 
But now another rumor making the rounds is that it might hit the market on August.
One thing that they do need to do if and when they do come out with a new phone 
is that they really need to upgrade their antenna reception because of all the 
problems that the iPhone 4 had with the famous death grip. If you are not familiar 
with the death grip. You would grab the top section of the iPhone 4 and in a few 
seconds you would lose all the bars in your reception. So for that problem 
consumer reports could not fully recommend the iPhone 4. But other than that 
the phone was a good phone. 
Another thing that we would like to see is if they could change the design to the 
phone somehow. Maybe make it a different looking iPhone. Because think about it, 
the iPhone and iPad look almost similar only one is bigger in size and can't carry
in your pocket. One thing that is a sure thing is that the phone will have the 
same dual core A5 processor that is in the iPad 2. But other than that there is 
no sure thing to comment on. We will find out when they announce it whether it 
be in August or whenever Steve Jobs comes out with it what features and what new 
things will this new iPhone have. So stay tuned fellow readers. 

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