iOS 5 upgrades

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there in the world wide web. Another hump day 
to get over. Then this coming Sunday is Father's Day. So it should be a nice day 
for all the father's out there. Now onto today's topic. I will be getting in
depth with the upgrades with the iOS 5. 
All of us that own an iPhone know about getting notifications. You might get 
a notification of when the game ends and what was the final score. When you 
receive a new text message. There are notifications everywhere on the iPhone. 
Now with the new iOS 5, the notifications will all be located in it's own 
center. Now you can just select which notification you want to see first. This
is very beneficial to everyone that get's tons of notifications. 
iMessage is where all your text messages are going to be located on iOS 5. Now 
you can send an unlimited number of messages on iMessage via the iPhone, iPod 
touch and of course the holy grail the iPad 2 or 1. A cool thing about this 
new iMessage is that you can start a conversation on your iPod touch and you 
can end the conversation on your iPhone or iPad. 
Newsstand is what the word means. Apple has brought the newsstand to your 
iPhone and iPad. So basically you all have heard of how Apple now has subscriptions
for newspapers, magazines. Now if you own an iPad or iPhone and you have one 
of these subscriptions. You can now get it as soon as it comes out, just like if 
you were to go to the newsstand. Newspapers work the same way it will update 
every morning that you wake up and you can just select the newspaper you want 
to read. And you don't have to go out in the rain for your paper or leave the 
house. So another cool addition. 
We all have seen how twitter has taken over our worlds. If it is not you and I
you know that twitter has taken over the lives of our favorite stars, news people
anyone famous. So now Twitter is fully integrated into the OS. If you have a
username with Twitter, all you have to do is enter your username and password
and you can send tweets left and right with your followers. 
The camera app on the iPhone right now is very slow to load also if you see 
something that you want to take a quick picture of, it takes a long time to 
unlock the phone and then load the app. But now with the new and improved app 
you can load the app from the lock screen and you can use your iPhone as a real
camera. Like you can use the volume up button as your click button. You can also 
edit the photo from your phone so you don't have to have a computer nearby to 
fix some issues with the picture. Now also if you have Photo streaming on the 
iCloud you can have the pics that you take on your iPhone or any iOS 5 device 
and they can appear on your other devices. 
So this is another OS that I am really interested in getting and what is better
is the price. It is free like all updates. It will work on your iPhone 3GS, 
iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 3rd gen, iPod touch 4th generation. So if 
you own these devices, go ahead and get the newest and greatest OS. 

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