All about the iCloud

Happy Monday to everyone out there. I know I have not written for everyone out 
there. But I am back here today. I will be covering a topic that was announced 
a couple weeks back and I forgot to mention it at the time. And now I will be 
covering it. So here we go.
We all have heard online and from various publications saying that the new thing
is to save anything you have on your computer, save it to a cloud. If you are 
not computer literate you might say how is that possible? But what a cloud does 
is, if you have never backed anything up. Like for example saving your music, 
photos, documents. Then all you have to do is access your cloud from your computer
and you can save all the info that want. So in case that you lose any information 
on your computer the cloud will have it. 
So this is where Apple had to release their own version of a cloud. Amazon did theirs
and Google did theirs. So Apple could not be far behind with their own version 
of the cloud. As with anything that Apple comes out with it has to start with an 
I so hence the name the iCloud. 
What does the iCloud do? Well first and foremost it saves everything you have on 
any device. Be an iPhone or iPad or computer and if you save it to the cloud 
it will then appear on any other device that you may have. You might be saying 
will there must be a fee. Well shockingly enough it is free. No fee required. Here
is what you get for free. You get 5 GB worth of storage. You could say well that 
is not enough for me. Now the way the iCloud works is that the music and apps
books and photos that you store will not take up the 5 GB of storage. What does 
is the documents, account information, settings and other app data. So since 
that info does not take much to store you will find out that 5 GB is enough for 
Another cool thing with iCloud is that if you purchased any music from iTunes and it 
was another computer. You can now access iTunes and you can see all purchases 
you have done with your account. So if you want to have that music on your new 
computer you can re-download it but it won't cost you a thing. One more cool thing
is iTunes Match. What does that do? Well any music that you don't buy from iTunes,
music that you may ripped from from a CD that you have in your house. Well now 
for a fee of 24.99 per year. iTunes will now determine which of those songs that 
you didn't download from iTunes are available on iTunes. 
I think that this is a very good service that Apple is offering and better yet 
is that it is free. So who out there will come out with a better idea to beat 
or take a bite out Apple's good momentum with the iCloud? We will see what the 
future holds. 

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