Techy Bytes 05-27-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. After getting hit with a bit of cold weather
the warm weather should be coming around Sunday so everyone who wants a little 
warm weather that should be coming and we won't be experiencing any more cold 
weather. Now onto the Friday staple Techy Bytes. 
Apple is tops again - I have been a fan of the company and their products ever 
since I purchased an iPod and haven't looked back. I have tried to convince 
various people along the way to purchase a Apple computer but people come up with 
their reasons, that they can't spend as much, it's a different computer. But now 
comes word that Consumer Reports has given the company very good reviews on 
all their products. It rated the entire Macbook line the top computer got a 
great review. So if you are looking at Dell's, HP's, and Sony computers 
consumer reports advises you against it. Also the iPad got the top prize in
tablets, and the iPhone as well but they will not recommend it because of the 
antenna issue. But other than that the company is looking very good with all 
the products that they have produced. Good job Apple! 
Brand new Yahoo Mail - For those people that still use Yahoo mail there is 
a whole new version coming for you. Yahoo states that the new e-mail is 
even faster than the old version. There is also a quick reply feature. Where 
you can start typing your message without even hitting the reply button. You 
can also use this with Facebook alerts. Like in Hotmail you can use the online 
photos in thumbnails and slideshows. It is supposed to work with Flickr and 
Picassa albums. This is the first upgrade they are doing to the e-mail 
and it is because more and more people are flocking towards G-mail and not 
looking back. Because Google knows what the user wants and they are providing 
it to them. So nice move Yahoo. Now who else from the e-mail providers will 
upgrade their services? 

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