Techy Bytes 05-20-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend to get ready for. This weekend
should be a nice weekend for everyone to enjoy, the weather is going to be really
nice that everyone should go out and enjoy themselves but be careful and don't 
do anything that I wouldn't. Now onto today's Techy Bytes.
Amazon trade in stuff available - All of us that use a lot of tech stuff and or 
are flooded with movies, video games and all sort of things will find this piece
of news a welcome sign and also not a good sign. Like everything in life there 
is a good side and a bad side. But I will doing the good side first and then 
the bad side. Ok. Here goes. Now if you have the items that I mentioned above 
and you always said to yourself where can I trade it in? Well now Amazon gives
the option of trading that old stuff that you don't use anymore and ship it to
Amazon. Of course there are rules the item that you send to Amazon to trade in 
has to be in 3 conditions. Like new, Good, and Acceptable. It can't be already 
broken down and expect something in return. Now here is the bad news you will 
not be getting cash back. The money that you do get back is in the form of Amazon
credit. Of course that is the thing to reel you in to their company. So we will 
see if many users out there are going to want to do business with Amazon. 
Now you see it, Now you don't - If you remember the clamor parents had when Playboy
wanted to do an app for the iPad. Apple then did announce that they don't promote
sexual apps on their devices. So the thing that most users wanted to see was how 
Playboy was going to pull this off. Well the app is now out. And there are 
models in magazine. But they are not baring all their clothes. They are positioned
like a sexy model would for an ad in a magazine but nothing that you would have 
to prohibit your kid from reading. And it acts like a iPad magazine would you can 
switch the screen from the regular view to the horizontal view and you can see 
the magazine as if it you had the real magazine. The cost of the subscription 
is 8 bucks a month. So good job Playboy of staying within the rules. 

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