Techy Bytes 05-13-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Hallelujah that the weekend is here. We all 
have been wanting that the weekend get here as soon as possible and it is here. 
Now onto today's Techy Bytes edition of my blog. It will be covering 3 topics 
that made news this week. 

Trade your PS3 now - We all that play video games and have been reading my blogs
have known that I am not a fan of the situation that Sony is in. Regarding the 
Playstation Network outage. I find it very hard that it has taken almost a month 
and there is not a resolution to the outage? There are reports coming from Europe
that are saying a lot of users of the PS3 are now trading there consoles for the 
Xbox 360. And also trading their PS3 games for other console games. They did 
say that in the first week there was not any people willing to trade their console.
But as the problem has dragged on European users of the PS3 are trading their 
consoles. Take into account that I am not a user of the PS3 I am a user of the 
Xbox 360 and I am really bothered by what Sony is doing to their customers. So if 
European PS3 users are trading their consoles maybe USA should follow through on 
that and get a Wii, 360 because I don't see how in the world they are going to 
get their customers back? Maybe they should really give more than the 1 million 
dollar package of protection and 2 months of free PSN service. Get it together 
Sony or you will be lonely with no customers. 
Chrome net-books coming soon - Google made the announcement that they will be 
releasing their much anticipated net-books. If you remember my blog on these 
net-books I had mentioned that you could lease the net-books for a low price. But 
now comes word from Google that only schools and businesses will be offering that 
feature. If schools want to have the net-book in their schools they could pay 20 
dollars a month and if businesses want to have the net-book then they could pay 
28 dollars a month, now there is one person they forgot to include us. 2 companies
will be launching the net-book. And they are Acer and Samsung. Samsung version 
is going to cost 430 dollars for the Wi-Fi version. And the Wi-Fi and 3G version 
will go for 500 dollars. Acer's version is a little cheaper for 350 dollars. Now 
these machines will go on sale on June the 15th. So we will see if Google gets
good reviews on this new machine. 
Unlimited Wi-Fi for T-Mobile or AT&T users?
User of T-Mobile now can make Wi-Fi phone
calls without using their minutes. Even though you might be reading this and say 
well this is not a new feature. But it is only good for Even more and Even More
plus and 4G do more plans. So if you are one of these users then you can hop around.
So now the question I ask is this good news for T-mobile or AT&T? 

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