Techy Bytes 05-06-11

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Onto today's Techy Bytes edition of my blog. 
When is the PSN going to be back online? - I know that I have posted in some of 
my past entries that Sony had promised that they would be back this week. But it 
turns out that it is not. So I don't want bad feedback from you my followers because
I'm with you on this one. First and foremost this is probably the worst time for 
the presumed leader in video games. Because first and foremost they had said that 
the credit card info was safe. But turns out now that they have investigated further
that it might have gotten into the credit card info. It has been close to 2 weeks 
that users have not been able to get online to play their video games. Now the NCIS 
is taking over the investigation of this event. Yes the same organization that is 
featured on TV. So who ever affected this massive shutdown will have to answer 
to the government. So overall I am not going to say more about how Sony is handling 
this. Because if you read one of my past posts where I mentioned that they were 
going to give out free 2 months of PSN service. I really think if this continues 
that they should rethink that idea and go bigger. 

Price drop of the Wii - We all saw this coming for the Wii. One of my past posts
also mentioned that the Wii was going to be retired and a new version of the console
was going to be in line in 2012. So you knew that a price drop of the original was
not far behind. So now if you are looking to purchase a Wii, you can get this 
console for the low low price of $150. So starting on the May 15th you can purchase 
the console at that price. And you are getting the following items and I think it 
is a real steal. You are getting the console, a Motionplus controller, nunchuck
controller, Mario Kart game, and a Wii Wheel accessory. You might also find a 
even lower price at other retailers. So go out and buy the console while it is 
still available. 
What is on the Bin Laden computers?? - We all have followed the coverage of the 
whole Bin Laden death coverage. And if you have paid attention to the coverage 
you might know that the Navy seals who raided the compound where is he was hiding 
they found a boat load of computer stuff. So who knows what they have on the 
computers. Might they find who is in the Taliban or what they are planning to do.
So we will have to tune in to the 24 hour news network and see what they come up 
with. Because you know that they will come up with. 
So have a nice weekend my fellow readers. And see you on Monday. 

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