Skype is now part of the Microsoft Family

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. I bet everyone out there is really enjoying
this nice weather that we are going to be experiencing these next days. But as 
we all know that this will not lost for long because the temps will be dropping 
but not too low. But it will be cool weather that we all can live with. Now onto
today's topic. 
A historic moment in terms of companies purchasing other companies has happened, 
yesterday Microsoft made the purchase of Skype official. The terms of the purchase 
are that it cost Microsoft 8.5 billion dollars. Not thousand, million but billions. 
Now what is that going to mean for every user of these products?
You can most definitely see Skype being integrated into most PC computers, so you 
won't have to download it from the site. It might also be included into Windows
7 phones, Xbox 360, Office and Windows Live programs. 
We all know that the Microsoft Messenger is not as popular as the Skype messenger 
service. So you might see that Skype will be taking over for the Microsoft Messenger.
Most definitely you will be seeing video conferencing being offered on most 
of it's programs for example the Xbox Kinect camera could be used as a Skype 
messenger camera. So you can talk to your friends on Xbox Live with the Kinect 
camera. Or you can see it integrated into the Outlook software which 
most businesses use as there e-mail service. 
The prized possession so far for Microsoft is the Windows 7 phone and you can see 
Skype bringing the Windows 7 phone more international calls for users. Now what will
be happening to the people that currently have an app of Skype on other devices 
that are not made by Microsoft? There are apps for the iPhone and it is integrated
into the Sony PSP. Microsoft officials did make an announcement that said that will
still help the users of the Skype app and any other stuff that is Skype 
related in any other device from other companies. 
So overall this a good move for Microsoft because they made a great purchase in 
Skype because they obtained a company that is still relevant in the industry and 
this just makes Microsoft an even stronger company. So good move Microsoft. 

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