Playstation prize package details

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. After today 
it should be a breeze for everyone. So have faith that today is the climax of the 
week. Now onto today's topic.
We all who have followed my blogs these past few weeks have noticed that I have 
provided you the reader the news on the Sony Playstation network saga. Now the 
results of what the prize will be have been revealed and I think that some 
folks out there are not going to be happy customers and there are some that will 
say as long as my video game is back in order that is all that matters. 
If you don't know what the prizes of your mourning period are these. PS3 users 
these are the games that you can get for free Deadnation, inFamous, LittleBigPlanet,
Super Stardust HD, and Wipeout HD plus Fury. Users of the PSP will get these 
LittleBigPlanet for the PSP, Modnation Racers, Pursuit Force and Killzone. Everyone
receives a free weekend of selected movies. 30 days of Playstation Plus, 60 days 
if you are already a subscriber to the service. And 100 free items in the Playstation
Home, Music Unlimited users get 30 days for free. 
Now if you read the results of your troubles, are you happy? If I were you the user,
not to sound like a bratty little kid that wants more. I don't think that the games 
are up to the level for your troubles. First of all if you are a hardcore gamer
on your PS3 I can pretty much bet that you have most of those games in your 
collection. Now the games in total value don't add up to much. 
I mean honestly at least the company is giving out something. But in reality 
are those the games that you would want to add to your collection? Now the million
and million dollar question is whether Sony can provide you the user a reliable 
network that from this point forward won't break down, and will not have an 
outage that affected every user here and all over the world. So good luck to you
Sony and to the users all over the world I want you to have patience with this 
company. So have a nice day today. 

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