Playstation network is back online

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another Monday that we are dreading but today
I want to congratulate Mr. Rahm Emanuel today on his inauguration and he will be 
becoming the new mayor of Chicago after a long tenure from Richard Daley and we 
all are going to be missing Richard Daley but we had to know that the time was 
going to come and it has arrived. We must know that Rahm will perform his job 
well and bring the best of the city. Way to go Rahm. Onto today's topic.
After a long time of suffering for a lot of users of the Playstation network a 
time of rejoice came over all the users this Saturday that passed. Finally! 
partially mind you but the network is back in use. If you are not aware of the 
news then turn on your PS3 and download the new firmware update and change your
password and then you can log on to your PSN again. Then if you had any stuff from
Hulu, Vudu and MLB you will also be able to access it again. Now if you do 
remember that I had said that Sony would be offering to only U.S. users identity 
theft protection that is worth $1 million dollars to each user. Well now that 
will go in effect to each user. 
If you remember this all happened on April 20th and today is May the 16th they 
were close to 4 days from it going to a month of no access to the Playstation 
network. They decided to cover all their tracks but saying that it could have 
affected credit card users because they could have taken info, then they said 
that no info was taken. Then they shutdown the network where no one could access 
it. All any user out there was asking was just let us get online but it took them
a long time to get the network back up and running.
Now Sony have promised the users a welcome back rewards for users that were not 
able to get online. But an announcement will be made as to what the rewards will 
be. So stay tight guys and gals. Maybe they will improve their proposal of 2 
months of free network usage, because I feel that is not enough. So we will see 
and I will relay the info to you all when I get word. So Sony users go ahead and 
go wild on the Playstation network and enjoy your games. 

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